privacy policy

Recognizing the importance of protecting private information of customers and comply with any laws and related regulations, smaut will use private information only for the purposes of offering better products and services to our customers, delivering useful information to our customers and other legitimate reasons.
About private information:
Private information is limited to the data that can identify individuals such as names, addresses, phone numbers, E-mail addresses, and such collected through our web sites and by any documents submitted to us on contracts and other occasions.
Purpose of the usage of private information:
When private information is provided by our customers, it will be used to the extent necessary to respond to the inquiries and requests by customers and the purposes are limited to the ones explicitly presented beforehand.
Private information will not be used for other purposes than any legitimate reasons listed above without consent.
Provision of private information to a third party
Except following occasions, smaut will not provide private information to a third party:
  1. when agreed with a customer
  2. when required by law.
  3. when there is a legitimate reason.
On compliance of laws and regulations and improvement on the issue:
smaut will comply with the Japanese laws and regulations related to the handling of private customer information.
smaut will continuously educate its employees on the proper handling of private information.
Any questions on our privacy policy, please contact smaut (phone: 054-374-5072).
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